“Senior Researcher” scholarship

The Palls Athéné Domus Sapientiae Foundation provides grants for the further education and professional research of senior researchers with at least a doctorate degree, working in the fields of economics, finance or law. For the scholarship program of 1+1 years the Foundation is expecting applications from teachers or researchers, who have recognized research outcomes and perform their activities in Hungarian language tertiary educational institutions within or across the borders of Hungary. More detail about the “Senior Researcher” scholarship


MCC Talent Promotion

The MCC FIT Program provides complex talent promotion for 5-8 class primary school students in five towns, uniquely in Hungary. The training, currently run in Pécs, Szolnok, Miskolc, Veszprém and Budapest is practice oriented, and offers fun-based education in fields closely connected to everyday life. More detail about the MCC FIT Program


Scholarship program for disadvantaged students

The further education of students living in disadvantaged areas is subsidized by the Tiszaroff Scholarship Program of the Pallas Athéné Domus Sapientiae Foundation. The goal of the program is to help the catching up, terminate the disadvantageous situation of towns in the most disadvantaged region of Hungary of – Tiszaroff, Tiszabura, Tiszagyenda, Kőtelek, Tiszasüly and Tiszabő – and subsidize the studies of university students living there. More detail about the Tiszaroff Scholarship Program


Subsidizing outstandingly successful doctoral students at the Doctoral School of Earth Sciences of the University of Pécs

The Pallas Athéné Domus Sapientiae Foundation provides grants for – maximum 8 – doctoral students with excellent academic and/or research achievements attending the Social and Natural Geography doctoral program at the Doctoral School of Earth Sciences of the University of Pécs. Grant can be given to the ones conducting their studies and academic research from socio-economic aspects, with the primary aim of solving territorial-natural – environmental – geographic problems. More detail about the subsidization of outstandingly successful doctoral students


Scholarship program at the János Neumann University, Kecskemét

The Pallas Athéné Domus Sapientiae Foundation announced a supportive scholarship program for senior bachelor students of economics studying at the János Neumann University. Winners of the scholarship get financial backing from the Foundation the volume of which equals with the amount of the tuition fee paid by the self-financing students. More detail about the scholarship program of the János Neumann University