Owing to a co-operational agreement an English language doctoral program started in 2016 in the field of economics and management at the Széchenyi University of Győr under the leadership of Gyula Varga PhD. The program is subsidized by the Pallas Athéné Domus Sapientiae Foundation, thus providing an opportunity for the involvement of internationally renowned, foreign lecturers, and furthermore, due to this backing students can get a grant of monthly maximum net HUF 300,000 in a differentiated system, based on their performance. The training is organized at the weekends; thus, it is feasible also for fulltime employees.

Both specializations of the program provide a unique training in Hungary. The Transdisciplinary specialization, by teaching various disciplines (economics, complex systems, cultural anthropology) prepares students for real program solving; whereas at the Management specialization production and service provision related management and the analysis of supply chains are in the focal point. Besides the venues of the Széchenyi István University of Győr it is the House of Wisdom that provides a location for the doctoral program.