Artworks of Hungarian designers and applied artists bring life to the walls of the House of Wisdom, the recently renovated old City Hall of Buda, seat of a scientific research centre and a doctoral school. The ground floor hosts an open exhibition space, where an important selection is on display of the works of textile artist Anna Kubinyi (deceased in 2015).


On the walls of the aisles confining an internal courtyard visitors can see seven pieces of Anna Kubinyi: Rust (2001), Bonds (1998), Open Confinement (2004), Sky at Dawn (2010), a Blue Interlacement (2000), Transylvanian Fragment (2003) and Victorious Prince – Attila (2011). Almost every piece was created in the 2000’s, when the artist returned to Hungary after living abroad for an extended period of time. Her journeys to Transylvania turned her attention to the questions of identity, the fate of the nation and folklore heritage.

On the first floor of the House of Wisdom hosting the halls of the doctoral school Pallas Athéné Domus Sapientiae Foundation exhibits eight more art pieces of the textile artist: Székely Gate I (2002), Székely Gate II (2006), Székely Gate III (2008), Csíksomlyó Prayer Textile (2014), Kőrösi Csoma Memorial textile (2009), Csoma Altar (2013), Meditation at Dawn in Memoriam Rabindranath Tagore (2013) and Creases (2000).

Anna Kubinyi was born in Makó in 1949, and originally she did not plan to go into textile art. When she applied to the ceramics faculty of the Applied Arts College, her application ended up at the faculty of gobelin which turned out to be a date with destiny. In her art she used simple materials with weaving and textile-relief technique to create three dimensional compositions and sculptural surfaces. Her central theme was nature and landscape from which she derived her unique expressive elements elaborated in her personal style. The artist painted and prepared her material herself and used wool and silk to enrich her expressive imagery and colours.