The inauguration event of the House of Wisdom held on 21 September 2018 hosted the third opening ceremony of the English language transdisciplinary doctoral program in management of Széchenyi István University and PADS, and the kickoff meeting of the SzEM-Jam Conference 2018.


In his welcome speech SzEEDSM Program Director Prof. Dr. Gyula Vastag stressed that this programme is an important development investment that will make a difference – it provides a take-off point both for Széchenyi István University and for Hungary. It was a happy accident that the development and 2016 launch of the programme coincided with the reform of the doctoral program. The programme relies on three realisations:

  1. The training must meet international standards and accordingly it should be offered in English language, and for this reason involving internationally recognised lecturers.
  2. There is constant demand for business administration programmes, and the university should make use of its full potential.
  3. The importance of PhD programmes is increasing not only for the renewal of the academia, but also in the training of business professionals.

Currently doctoral students enrolled in the SzEEDSM Program are from 11 countries, and their professors are from 10 countries.

Following the tradition of previous years the opening ceremony was followed by the SzEM-Jam Conference 2018, which was kicked off with talks and speeches given by chief editors of prestigious, internationally recognised academic journals. The purpose of the conference was to enable the doctoral students to encounter editors and chief editors of leading academic journals, and to receive first-hand advice from thee professionals on writing powerful, high-level publications.

During the two-day conference the students had an opportunity for having one-to-one consultation with the following editors: Mark Ferguson (Darla Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina, USA, Chief Editor – Decision Sciences), Emma Bell (The Open University Business School, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, Chief Editor – Management Learning), Ioannis Thanos (Lancaster University Management School, Lancaster University, UK, Associate Editor– European Management Journal), Mikko Rönkkö (University of Jyväskylä, Finland, Associate Editor – Journal of Operations Management)

On the second day of SzEM-Jam 2018 the doctoral students from various phases of the programme presented the progress achieved with their research and their research plans and publication plans for the next academic year. Lectures were held in four sections followed by specialist debates. The members on the jury: Zoltán Baracskai (Széchenyi University), Emma Bell (Open University), Katalin Czakó (Széchenyi University), Krishna Dhir (Széchenyi University), Boglárka Eisingerné Balassa (Széchenyi University), Mark Ferguson (University of South Carolina), László Józsa (Széchenyi University), László Komlósi (Széchenyi University), András Nemeslaki (Budapest University of Technology and Economics), Mikko Rönkkö (University of Jyväskylä), Edit Süle (Széchenyi University), Ioannis Thanos (Lancaster University), Gyula Vastag (Széchenyi University) and Gábor Vattay (Eötvös Loránd University).

Following the conference the academic year commenced in the first and second years of study.