Scholars of the Senior Researcher program of the Pallas Athéné Domus Sapientiae Foundation (hereinafter referred to as: PADS) held a meeting at the new headquarters of PADS, in the House of Wisdom. The experts could familiarize themselves with the research topic of each other, and exchange their experiences about the challenges involved.


The PADS provides grants for the further education and professional research of senior researchers with at least a doctorate degree, working in the fields of economics, finance or law. For the scholarship program of 1+1 years the Foundation is expecting applications from teachers or researchers, who have recognized research outcomes and perform their activities in Hungarian language tertiary educational institutions or research centres within or across the borders of Hungary in at least 20 working hours per week in the fields of economics, finance, public finances or fiscal law.

Scholars winning the Senior Researcher title are provided a grant of monthly net HUF 360 thousand by the Foundation, coupled with a budget for covering the costs and expenses of participating conferences abroad, publication fees, as well as the costs of databases, licences and academic books. In accordance with the very objective of the Pallas Athéné Foundations, the popularization of science shall be one of the duties of the senior researcher, so that the results of his/her research could become available for a wide a range of audiences.

Over and above this, in the scholarship period the researcher has to deliver trainings/lectures in Hungarian and German language at the programs of the Foundation, and furthermore, (s)he also has to participate at the training courses of the Pallas Athéné Foundations as doctoral adviser, alongside with other professional conferences and events organized by the Foundations and related to his/her research topic.

One of the scholars of the Senior Researcher program of the PADS Foundation is Balázs Bodzási PhD, deputy state secretary at the Ministry of Justice, Department Head at the Faculty of Economic Law, Corvinus University of Budapest, and lecturer of the Budapest Institute of Banking. The title of the research topic of Balázs Bodzási, PhD is “Changes in the property relations and the proprietary rights regulations, and its relations to economy, with especial regards to the economic role of the state”. Zsolt Gilányi PhD, Department Head at the Department of Economics at Budapest University of Technology and Economics, conducts a research with the title “Modern (heterodox) theory of money, or a new theory of market economy”.

There is also a mother among the Senior Researchers. Boglárka Eisingerné Balassa PhD, is an assistant professor at the Széchenyi István University, Győr, and secretary of the Doctoral School of Regional and Economic Sciences. Her research topic is entitled “The global and local context of consumer behaviour”. Red-brick universities are also represented among the grantees: Miklós Pintér PhD, associate professor at the Department of Quantitative Management of the Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Pécs has a research entitled “Studying the inaccurate probability”. The title of the research conducted by Attila Tasnádi PhD, university lecturer at the Department of Mathematics of the Faculty of Economics, Corvinus University, Budapest is “Market regulation with active state participation”.

There are two scholars who managed to get into the Senior Researcher program of PADS Foundation from the National University of Public Service. Prof. Csaba Lentner PhD, head of the Public Finance Research Institute at the Faculty of Science of Public Governance and Administration, National University of Public Service, who also acts as an honorary university lecturer at Szent István University, conducts his research under the title of “Fiscal and monetary dynamics in Hungary”. Whereas the research topic of Miklós Hollán PhD, associate professor of the National University of Public Service, and senior research fellow at the Centre for Social Sciences of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences is “The measures of administrative and criminal law against capital market abuses”.