In 2019, Hungary and China celebrate the seventieth anniversary of the diplomatic relationship between the two countries, as well as the sixth anniversary of the twinning of Budapest and Shanghai.


On this occasion, the National Bank of Hungary, in cooperation with the world-famous Shanghai Museum and the Pallas Athéné Domus Sapientiae Foundation, will present for the first time to the general public the exhibition “The Journey of the Coins” in the House of Wisdom with the support of the Shanghai International Cultural Association.

Through the exhibition, visitors can learn about the history of Hungarian and Chinese coins, and – as compared to the development of domestic and Far Eastern coins – gain insight into the history of China and Hungary. The exhibition looks at the digitized financial world of today and the gradual decline in the role of coins, following the presentation of differences between payment instruments, interfaces and other points of interest.

On June 18, 2019, “The Journey of the Coins”, the exhibition opened its doors to a public in the Wise Castle. The exhibition can be viewed free of charge between 18 June 2019 and 11 August 2019. You can see photos of the solemn exhibition in our gallery.