Groups of pupils from both the capital city of Budapest and all over the country could familiarise themselves with the sites and interesting features of the Old Buda Town Hall building.

On December 6, pupils from the class 4.b of Budavári Primary School visited the House of Wisdom under the leadership of their form master, Ms EszterMátéffy. The medieval dungeon and the recently explored labyrinthine cellar offered real adventure for the children, who could playfully learn about Hungarian history at the exhibition entitled “Coins of Kings – Coinage at the Buda Court in the Middle Ages” with the help of targeted worksheets.

On December 7, as the first stop of their school field trip, the finance-accounting manager class of the ZSZC Economic High School Keszthely also visited the building of the House of Wisdom. The students could familiarise themselves with the reconstruction works-related history of the building, its architectural rarities. They also had the chance to visit the Coin Exhibition, and finally got an insight into the educational programs of the Pallas Athéné Foundations.