We have been awarded the Icomos Prize by the Hungarian National Committee of Icomos for the outstanding and exemplary restoration of the old Town Hall of Buda, the careful positioning of the complex new function, and the innovative architectural approach preserving and further improving the building’s values.

The House of Wisdom won the Pro Architectura Award for the activity carried out by the building contractor, by which it had contributed to the creation of a high-quality Hungarian built environment, the preservation of architectural values, the promotion of architecture, and the implementation of an outstanding architectural work.

The beautifully renovated building of the old Town Hall of Buda is the main winner of the tender jointly published by the Budapest City Council and the Budapest Chamber of Architects, the Budapest Award for Excellence in Architecture (Budapest Építészeti Nívódíj). The declared mission of the prize is to recognise buildings which preserve the values promoting and reforming the development of architectural and environmental culture as well as the traditional ones.

Having received the ICOMOS Prize, the Pro Architectura Award, and the Budapest Award for Excellence in Architecture, the beautifully renovated building of the former Buda Town Hall was recognised by another prestigious award on December 6, 2019. The House of Wisdom, the architect tasked with the renovation, and the designer team received recognition in the category “monument restoration and building rehabilitation” in the tender for Award for Excellence in Construction (Építőipari Nívódíj), published for the 19th time in 2019.

Our prizes can be viewed on the walls of the House of Wisdom.