The Sunday family programme series called Children’s House was conducted on 15 December 2019 for the first time, in a setting of unparalleled beauty, in the venerable building of the House of Wisdom.

Even the first event drew huge attention; several families with young or older children visited the Old City Hall. In addition to getting a chance to explore the compelling community spaces of the House of Wisdom, the Children’s House series of events focused on the current festive season, world day, it entertained the participating families with the involvement of trained animators, offering several skills and dexterity enhancement games and tasks.

The series of events became so popular that an online version was also created, which presented, according to the festivities and the world day topics, a variety of arts and crafts activities that can be performed easily at home, through a number of colour educational videos, each lasting for a couple of minutes, to the general public on the social media sites of the House of Wisdom, including its home page, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube sites.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On the following page you can see the report of every event of Children’s House so far, with a connected image gallery and a selection of online educational videos. Upcoming events will also be announced here. The Children’s House events on Sunday are free, every member of families with young or older children is welcome! Please register at, indicating the exact number of persons and the names.