Fudan-Corvinus Double Degree MBA Program, the first innovative MBA training program of China – Central and Eastern Europe, was launched with the professional support of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank.

On 5 October 2018, Fudan University of China, considered one of the best universities in the world, Corvinus University of Budapest and the Hungarian Central Bank signed a trilateral agreement on the implementation of the most recent pioneering financial training. The financial MBA training is extremely popular – the first year started with 18 trainees –now applications are accepted for the second year starting in the autumn of 2019.

In the opening ceremony, governor of the central bank György Matolcsy and Zoltán Szántó, vice-rector of Corvinus University of Budapest welcomed the participants of the programme and the guests invited to the opening ceremony. The speakers emphasized that in our rapidly changing socio-economic environment, the program not only provides innovative and high-quality training in leadership science, with the help of internationally recognized professors, but also helps to build a wide network of contacts with Far Eastern economic actors. The best professors of the East and the West guide the students through the financial and geopolitical challenges of the new, fast changing multi-polar world.

In addition to the greetings from the Governor and the Vice-Rector, Xu Ningsheng, Rector of Fudan University, and Deputy Rector Chen Zhimin greeted students and faculty members in a video message.

The target group of the program is public organizations, companies, as well as employees of the financial sector who have a special interest in the specific culture, economy and innovative educational methods of China and Asia, and would like to use this knowledge in their work. The programme also offers a unique opportunity in management training. Participants will gain insights into current trends in business management and may also gain up to date international methodological knowledge through intensive classroom discussions, regional and international case studies, simulation exercises and business projects.

Students of the Fudan-Corvinus Double Degree MBA Program will receive a Master of Finance (MSc) and a BCE Master of Business Administration (MSc MBA) degree from Fudan University upon completion of their training.

In line with their goals, the MNB Foundation also give priority support to the gap filler program in Hungary and the Central and Eastern European region, in the framework of which they provide student scholarship support and an exclusive training site.

In his ceremonial speech, Vice Rector Zoltán Szántó emphasized that the main task of the Corvinus-MNB International Executive Project Center, opened at the university with the support of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank, is to coordinate the MBA Programme and support the internationalization of Corvinus University.

In his speech, the Vice Rector noted that every journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, and the attendees of the opening ceremony of the program saw how the first huge step was taken, therefore the launch of this high quality training programme can be considered as one of the early successes of a long process.

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