The Pallas Athéné Domus Sapientiae Foundation (formerly the Pallas Athéné Domus Animae Foundation) also subsidizes the development of teaching materials. The following materials have been published so far with the financial aid of the Foundation:


Managerial Economics

The electric teaching material compiled for the subject Managerial Economics taught by the Institute of Applied Economics Sciences at the Faculty of Economics and Business, Debrecen University familiarizes students with the economic knowledge and methodology that is indispensable for any later business decision making procedure related to prices, profit and competitive strategies.


Finance for the hearing impaired

In July 2017 the Foundation concluded an agreement with the Sign Foundation for hearing impaired people with the objective of producing and publishing sign language training videos. Such knowledge and information base has been created for the hearing impaired that explains important expressions, players and regulations of finance in sign language videos.


Language course book for the learners of Hungarian

The Portuguese supplementary material for the MagyarOK language coursebook was produced with the subsidization of the Foundation for learners of the Hungarian language.


Differential and Integral Calculus with Economic Applications e-learning material

The e-learning material “Differential and Integral Calculus with Economic Applications” implemented by the University of Debrecen with the subsidization of the Pallas Athéné Domus Animae Foundation is freely available for all at the following website.

The very objective of the learning material is to introduce freshmen into the world of higher mathematics and to use the already acquired knowledge and solutions in technical subjects. Students can get acquainted with the key concepts of analysis and the applications thereof in the fields of micro and macroeconomics, engineering, physics, biology and chemistry.

The acquisition of basic mathematical knowledge is a serious challenge for freshmen. The goal of the supplementary learning material is to provide a short, straightforward, but still precise theoretical summary at the beginning of each chapter, followed by examples and problems illustrating the newly acquired knowledge.