The building has become one of the new gemstones of the Castle of Buda, it has earned accolades not only from tourists and non-professionals, but also from notabilities of the architectural trade.
In 2019 The House of Wisdom received the ICOMOS Prize, established by the international organization of UNESCO for the conservation and protection of cultural heritage places, the Pro Architectura Award, intended to preserve Hungarian architectural culture and values, the Award for Excellence in Architecture, published jointly by the Municipality of Budapest and the Budapest Chamber of Architects, furthermore, the Award for Excellence in Construction, published for the nineteenth time in 2019.


ICOMOS, the international heritage protection organization of 2019, awarded the ICOMOS Prizes for this year on 25 April 2019, related to World Heritage Day. Since 2006, the organization has awarded a Certificate of Recognition each year to monument restoration projects deemed by it the most excellent, completed within the last three years.

This year a committee shortlisted four reconstruction projects and awarded the prize to the renewal of the building of the House of Wisdom. The national committee of ICOMOS, which decided on the award, justified its decision by the exemplary diligence of the restoration, the moderate application of contemporary elements and their arranging presence.

Pro Architectura Award

On 15 November 2019 the MNB Foundation received the Pro Architectura Award. This award may be granted to impressive buildings and outstanding works of architecture that are intended to preserve, promote and convey to future generations the constantly renewing, yet classical Hungarian architectural culture and values. The reconstruction works of the House of Wisdom took place – between 2014 and 2018 – in that spirit from the very beginning.

Up to ten Pro Architectura Awards may be granted annually. A natural person, legal entity or community may only receive this award once in every 5 years. The registered applications were assessed by a jury of nine professionals this year as well, with Mr. Zsolt Füleky Deputy State Secretary for Architecture and Construction Affairs invited as its chairman.

Budapest Award for Excellence in Architecture

The main award of the contest published jointly by the Municipality of Budapest and the Budapest Chamber of Architects was ceremoniously delivered on 20 November 2019, in the FUGA Architectural Center of Budapest. Such architectural works, buildings may apply for the award that are located in the administrative area of Budapest and are intended to enhance the architectural style of the Capital, or the appearance, utilization and milieu of a given neighbourhood or district. It is the declared mission of the Budapest Award for Excellence in Construction to give appreciation to buildings that promote, renew the development of architectural and ecological culture and preserve traditional values.

The rank of this contest is illustrated by the fact that the House of Wisdom was awarded the main prize competing with such applicants as the complex renewal of the marketplace, market hall and event space of Újpest, the campus development of MOME, the shared office building of Magyar Telekom and T-Systems Hungary, the monumental office building of Nexon in Váci Road, or the exemplary reconstruction of Láng Cultural Center.

Award for Excellence in Construction

In 2019 The House of Wisdom and the team of architects and designers in charge of the reconstruction received an Award for Excellence in Construction, announced for the nineteenth time, in heritage restoration, building rehabilitation category.

Award for Excellence in Construction has been founded by the National Federation of Hungarian Building Contractors (ÉVOSZ) and the Architecture Association (Építéstudományi Egyesület), which celebrates the 70th anniversary of its existence this year. Tenders could be submitted by organisations which had completed facilities with a final cost of at least 100 million HUF net, having received an occupancy permit at least one year prior. According to information given by the award’s Board of Trustees, 23 tenders were submitted by the deadline in 2019, out of which 13 buildings received the Award for Excellence in Construction.