Our Books

Our bookstore located in the building of the House of Wisdom opened its doors in September 2018 and has a huge and diverse selection of book offering. Our visitors can browse various foreign language books introducing Hungary, Hungarian culture, gastronomy and arts among the almost 800 years old walls of the old town hall of Buda; besides these the own publications of PABOOKS, economic, geopolitical publications and books on self-improvement are also available.


Coins, medals and gifts

In the medieval building there is a unique coin and medal offering available for the public; one can become familiar with the memorial coins issued by the Central Bank of Hungary and produced by the Hungarian Mint Ltd. (Magyar Pénzverő Zrt.) based on national traditions with the help of interactive displays. The golden, silver and non-ferrous metal coins and other products of the Mint may also be purchased on the spot. In our shop combining traditional and new values alike one can also buy unique gifts popularizing Hungary.


The Publishing House

The Pallas Athéné Publishing House (PABOOKS) was established in September 2017; our primary goal is that our readers acquire a wide range of applicable economic, financial and management knowledge and besides all these find answer to the current geopolitical questions of the world. Our publishing house, while paying attention to this goal, publishes the latest international bestsellers in the above mentioned three subjects – economy/finance, geopolitics, management – in Hungarian. PABOOKS considers it highly important to make new knowledge accessible, thus the books of the most prestigious universities (Princeton, Harvard, Oxford) are also available in our offering.


Contact Details


06 1 445 49 61

Opening hours: every day from 10.00 a.m. until 6.00 p.m.