Pallas Athéné Domus Sapientiae Foundation has recently reopened the building to the public after a long period of closure. Today visitors may freely access and admire the old City Hall of Buda and its priceless objects on display. The ground floor and the cellar of the building are community spaces open to the public, including a bookstore and an exhibition space.

Following the reconstruction several particular spots revealing the history of the building were brought to light, the objects that once served as stone frames, gates and windows are now displayed, visitors may observe these mementos of the past through glass floors. The owner brings life to the medieval and baroque spaces with artworks of Hungarian designers and artists, with an intent to support the Hungarian creative industry.

András Kontur – Sun Sculpture

The dominant components of András Kontur’s sculpture are strict geometric forms of emblematic character (circle, square, disc and triangle) with surfaces that vary between polished and rough finishing. The regular geometric shapes are representational plastic elements conveying a symbolic meaning, the upright stone disk is a direct allusion to the solar disk. In his sculptures András Kontur merges traditional values and contemporary spirit.

Anna Kubinyi – Transylvanian Fragment

The central theme of Anna Kubinyi’s art derives its unique thematic elements from nature and landscape representation. The artist created compositions of raised surfaces and three dimensional forms using weaving and textile-relief technique, using simple materials. Anna Kubinyi lived abroad for a long period, following her return to Hungary patriotism and the Hungarian folk art heritage became her main sources of inspiration. Transylvanian Fragment is an important of Anna Kubinyi’ oeuvre and a faithful representation of her art.